RodgerRafter's Table Of Contents

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

RodgerRafter's Table of Contents

How Our Financial Markets Really Work 8/23/06
The Militaryindustrial Complex and the Bankruptcy of the Nation 7/22/06
Corruption in Latin America 7/16/06
Corruptialism Overview 7/12/06

Economic Rebalancing
Energy Price Fluctuations and Hedge Fund Implosions 9/18/06
Thorough Debunking of Trade Gap Nonsense 9/16/06
Here Come the Foreclosures 9/14/06
New Monthly Record Trade Gap 9/12/06
Builders Burning Through Cash 9/10/06
Oil Price Counter-Arguments 9/8/06
Gradual Strengthening of the Chinese RMB 9/6/06
Construction Spending 9/4/06
Post Labor Day Breakdown? 9/03/06
Mainstream Economist Lies 9/2/06
Economic Report Summaries 8/31/06
The Importance of the FX Carry Trade 8/30/06
The Economics Underground 8/22/06
How Could This Happen to Us? 8/21/06
Rebalancing Takes a Step Backward 8/20/06
Foreign Official and International Accounts 8/18/06
Homebuilder Sentiment 8/17/06
Inflation and the Rebalancing Process 8/16/06
TIC Trends 8/15/06
Car Makers and Car Dealers Have a Growing Problem 8/13/06
The Financial Markets and Global Economic Rebalancing 8/12/06
Who's Buying Treasuries These Days? 8/11/06
June Trade Gap Numbers 8/10/06
The Sub-Prime Time Bomb Detonated Today 8/9/06
Fed Marks a Turning Point 8/8/06
Consumer Credit Takes a Familiar Twist 8/7/06
Housing Vacancies 8/6/06
Anatomy of a Housing Bubble 8/5/06
July Jobs 8/4/06
Middle-Class Squeeze 8/3/06
The Rebalancing Trade 7/28/06
Hedge Frauds and Pirate Equity 7/27/06
The Perverted Yield Curve 7/26/06
Stock Market, Treasuries, Dollar, Oh My! 7/25/06
The Turning Point 7/24/06
I Don't Like Gold as an Investment 7/23/06
Wall Street's Risk Game and Rising Volatility 7/22/06
And Now For Some Good News 7/21/06
The Housing Bubble and the Global Rebalancing Process 7/20/06
Inflation Accelerating and Interest Rates Rising 7/19/06
Treasury International Capital Flows and a Fed Conspiracy Theory 7/18/06
An Analogy 7/17/06
The Great American Ponzi Scheme 7/16/06
Trade Gap by Nation 7/15/06
Foreign Investment and the Trade Gap 7/14/06
The Dollar and the Trade Gap 7/13/06
May Trade Gap Numbers 7/12/06
State of the Consumer 7/11/06
Rebalancing Overview 7/10/06

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Financial State of the US Government
GDP Distortions
Hedge Fund Bubble
Greenspan Rant
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SAC Hedge Fund Tactics
Homebuilder DHI's Arrogance
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Fed's Annual Report
Money Supply and Reserve Credit
Advice for the Financially Strapped
Report from a Shareholder's Meetin
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Pros and Cons of Shareholder Proposal
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